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Makeup Tutorials

April 23, 2010

The morning dawns. I pounce out of bed anticipating my morning coffee.. yes, that is what gets me going in the morning. Once it’s brewed, I sip away and catch up on the fashion dailies.. then it is off to get myself dressed. But, before I dress it up, I begin with my face. I love makeup and it’s a great accessory to your everyday look.

Makeup can be a grind, especially if you don’t have a back log of looks to try. The same thing every day can be a bit boring.. but what is a girl to do.. go to makeup school or sit in a chair at the mall? NO. The wonderful world of  YouTube has created makeup-tutorial heaven. That’s right! There are hundreds of tutorials online walking you step by step through a new look. Just search what you want.. cat eye.. celebrity looks.. spring trends.. it is all there!

Suddenly, I am my own makeup artist – choosing a different look each day. So give it a try! My method? First time around I just watch. Second time around I take my laptop to my mirror and walk through the process with the makeup artist. Third time I am on my own and loving it.

Sarah Victor has become a favorite and in this video she shows off a hot spring trend to get you started.


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